Dog Wizardry

Dog Weight Pulling Sports interview with Legendary IWPA Judge Debbie Lee from the International Weight Pulling Organization

July 26, 2020

Most people acquire dogs for companionship purposes.  Dogs are looking for more than a companion.  They are looking for a guide, a coach & a companion.


What matters to me is the fulfillment of a dog.  To me, this is more important than a dog being happy.  Joy is important for a dog but so is a sense of achievement.


In some ways, this article describes my approach with dogs.  


Dog Weight Pulling is my favorite dog sport.  I love lure coursing, agility, barn hunt etc... However, weight pulling is my favorite dog activity.


Dog love to work.  Dogs love to have a job.  And Dogs Love To Pull!


At least, most dogs love to pull.  Check out my website.






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