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Search and Rescue Dog Trainer Interview with Jim Miller

August 12, 2020

Search and Rescue Dog Training has always been of interest to me.  It's also been kind of mysterious to me and others. 

How are these dogs trained?  How do they know what to do?  What does the first 24 hours of training look like?  How do you get a foundation?

Jim Miller, Search and Rescue GURU breaks down the mechanics of SAR dog training.

Jim is in upstate New York and can be reached at (518) 847 7834.  

As a Service Dog Trainer, I love talking to trainers from other disciplines.  I have also met service dog trainers that have no idea what real search and rescue (SAR) dogs have to go through.

These trainers are well intentioned and have good results but let's not call them search and rescue dogs.  

1.  Most service dog organizations are not offering certified Search and Rescue Dogs.  

2.  Most service dogs that perform "SAR" do not have 600 hours of training sessions.   

3.  Your average service dog can not pass the assessment below.

This podcast will be of great interest to parents of children with autism.  Many of these children have elopement issues.   

Search and Rescue dogs can be helpful in finding children, Alzheimers patients, criminals and even other dogs!

It's truly a fascinating topic even if you don't have a dog.  A dog's sense of smell is amazing thing!  To learn more about a dog's sense of smell, I highly recommend the work of Alexandria Horowitz.  Her best Seller "Inside of a dog" made a tremendous impact on me as a dog trainer.  

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